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How would YOU like to discover LITTLE-KNOWN secrets for BEATING SPEEDING TICKETS...
... CANCELLING parking fines... and winning against the traffic police in the COURTS?

There ARE secrets. And I'd like to share them ALL with you -- RIGHT HERE.

Please note: this is a completely legal guide to help you use the law to your advantage. Nothing within the guide is illegal, or could be used to criminal advantage.

Every single day the UK Government fine THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of drivers for minor driving offences.
Go just a few miles above the limit on an empty motorway... and you could  be facing a massive THREE POINTS on your license and a HEFTY FINE.

After twelve points, you're BANNED.

Or, if you've been driving under two years, it's just six points before you're off the road.

IS THIS MAKING THE ROADS SAFER? Not in the slightest. In the period from 1997 to 2000, revenue from motorist fines went from £13 million to over £25 million. Yet road accidents during that period INCREASED, not decreased.

Instead of helping keep the roads safe, the Police Force are using motorists to increase funding and provide better year-end statistics. Who do you think is easier to arrest... a professional burglar, or the innocent motorway driver accidentally driving a few miles above the limit?

Whether you choose to believe it or not. It's what happens. And if you don't care about it now, you can be sure that at some point in the near future you'll wish you had. Think about it...

What would YOU do right now if your license was REVOKED?
How would you SURVIVE?

It's more than just inconvenient. The impact is enormous. You'd lose your job (or, at best, revert to the horrors of public transport). You'd lose your social life. You'd lose income and local integrity. You could lose SO MUCH.

And it could all happen just by being caught ONCE going 90 MPH on an empty motorway!

Are you ANGRY?? YOU SHOULD BE! The whole system is a shambles, and you need to protect yourself.

Now, thanks to a UK driving loopholes expert with over 20 years of experience, you can do EXACTLY that...



Most drivers pay little attention to the law.

They've heard you can go 10% above the speed limit without getting fined, yet are sketchy on the detail. "Somebody else" said that curling back your tongue when taking a breathalyzer test helped lower the result. "Another person" said that if you simply said nothing, they'd let you off with a warning.

Do you ENJOY building your life on PURE HEARSAY?

Our brand new UK Driving Secrets guide (now fully updated for 2019!) was written by a UK motoring law expert with over 20 years of experience. He knows the business better than anyone. He's at the cutting-edge of motoring law -- and in this NEW, SHOCKINGLY BLUNT guide, he shares secrets that will TOTALLY redefine your understanding of what the Police can actually do.

For example, do you know about the one single test that police absolutely MUST conduct every time they stop a person for speeding? And do you know that if the Police don't conduct this test, and you point it out later, you'll be IMMEDIATELY let off the hook?

How about the one thing you absolutely must NOT say when stopped? Break this little rule, and ALL is lost.

Yes, there ARE secrets to beating your speeding ticket. And you're given EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.

In fact, the guide has an ENTIRE CHAPTER devoted to speeding tickets. You'll discover how to use the law to your maximum advantage. And you WON'T be disappointed.


We also cover practically every other area of driving, where LITTLE-KNOWN TRICKS are practically BEGGING to be revealed. For example, you'll learn the following PARKING TICKET secrets:

The amazing law MOST wheel clampers don't know about but every motorist should!
Seven great defences you can use to appeal against a parking ticket
... and get it cancelled IMMEDIATELY!
How to get ANY pay-and-display parking ticket CANCELLED
... a simple but devastatingly effective ploy
The TRUTH behind Parking Charge Notices - & why you should ALWAYS challenge them!
The secrets of SCNs and ECNs - what they are & four different ways to appeal them!

Discover SPEED GUN secrets that most drivers haven't even heard about:

The amazing tactic used by celebrities Neil and Christine Hamilton
... to get their speeding conviction QUASHED!
Legal steps you can take to REDUCE the RISK of being caught by a speed gun
Which anti-detection systems are LEGAL and which aren't
... and how to choose the system that's right for you.

Learn about the world of SPEED CAMERAS and how they're practically useless:

FIVE REASONS why the speed shown by speed camera photos may NOT be accurate
The "secret formula" you can use to check speed camera photographs
... and PROVE to the police and courts that you weren't speeding!
The time limit in which a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) from a speed camera must be issued. Outside this limit, the ticket CANNOT be enforced!

You'll also find out:

How to get a fixed penalty ticket or summons CANCELLED or reduced to a warning
The easy, legal way to get penalty points REMOVED from your licence
How to AVOID being disqualified from driving, or if you have already been disqualified, get the duration cut by HALF
Yes, this is perhaps the biggest compiled exposé of driving secrets you'll EVER find. It's the ultimate publication the police just DON'T WANT YOU HAVE. And it doesn't stop there, either.

"You will be pleased to know that after I purchased the UK Driving Secrets guide, I decided to challenge the fixed penalty I received for parking on double yellow lines. I wrote to the Chief Constable and pointed out, following instructions in your guide, that they COULDN'T issue a fixed penalty.

"The result... it has been announced that all of the fixed penalty notices issued over the last 15 years are invalid. As such, the department are to issue around £3,000,000 in refunds.

"My story appeared in the Isle of Man Examiner. You have saved me and thousands of others a LOT of money!" -- David Turner, Isle of Man




The system of fining motorists depends on the majority of individuals meekly accepting the charges and paying the fee. It doesn't have to be this way. In fact, says the author, it's often BETTER to request your case be taken to COURT!

You just need to know which letters to send, or what to say in a courtroom. The UK Driving Secrets 2019 guide tells you all you need to know about the process, including:

Why defending yourself in court may be EASIER (and more profitable) than you think!
Sample letters you can send to the police and the Crown Prosecution Service
... which will STOP most penalties at source!
How to obtain copies of ALL the evidence the police have against you
... or get the case THROWN OUT!
Why you should ALWAYS opt to have your motoring case heard in a magistrates court
The pros and cons of hiring a solicitor
SIX WAYS to find the ideal solicitor to defend you on a motoring charge
Two great FREE resources for defending any motoring charge - from the Internet!
What is a 'McKenzie friend', and how one can help you WIN your case
FOUR WAYS to undermine the prosecution's evidence against you in court
Exactly HOW TO CAST DOUBT on the evidence in speeding cases
(it's easier than you think!)
Why you should NEVER make a statement under oath
... despite what so-called "EXPERTS" say to the contrary
A complete list of all offence and contravention codes:
... Know EXACTLY what you're charged with, so you can beat it!

With this sort of armour, you can practically quash any conviction made against you. This is the ultimate weapon for drivers throughout the country. This book is for those looking for the loopholes, the secrets, the backdoors that FEW OTHERS really know about.

"I'd never heard of the [technique] before. Now I see why. Last week, I sent off a template letter from your kit. This morning I found out the ticket had been cancelled.

"I'm ecstatic! You really should stop selling this at just £40 -- put the price up, you fools!" -- D.Flatt, Leeds



So you think the UK Driving Secrets 2019 guide is limited to just speeding tickets, parking fines & the courts?


You don't get to spend 20 years as a motoring legal eagle and NOT learn a whole bundle of tricks that most of the UK simply have NO IDEA about. It's a perk of the job. And now YOU can take advantage of this knowledge for your own gain!

You'll discover the following UNBELIEVABLE SECRETS:

Why you should NEVER hand over your licence if stopped by the police
(...EVEN if you have it with you!)
How far over the speed limit you can go WITHOUT risking detection.
... The answer may SURPRISE you!
How you can make a claim against an UNINSURED driver.
... This one piece of information alone could save you thousands of pounds!
How to get FREE motor insurance with up to £100,000 worth of cover
... from the Government!
Why "leaves on the line" can be the motorist's BEST FRIEND!
Everything you need to know about the December 2003 mobile phone regulations
How to AVOID a FINE if you are told to produce your MOT certificate but don't have one
How you can claim compensation from the government if you are a victim of a hit-and-run driver... so long as you do ONE thing WITHIN FIVE DAYS of the incident occurring.
Find out how a company director discovered an amazing LEGAL loophole which means all his company's motorcycles can park on the footway in London with impunity!
SIX clever defences you can use if you are charged with driving in a bus lane


The 'SECRET LOOPHOLE' hundreds of drivers are exploiting to give themselves immunity from speed camera tickets. WARNING: This technique is probably illegal, and is provided for information only!
How you can use the new Freedom of Information Act to FORCE the authorities to disclose information that YOU can use in your defence. Model letter included!
How a single mother got herself and 4,200 other motorists off a speeding ticket
... using a £5 disposable camera! Copying her method could save your licence!
The brand NEW scheme which gives you the chance to escape a fine & AVOID POINTS ON YOUR LICENCE , simply by attending a one-day course run by your local authority.
If you don't ASK about this, it's likely you WON'T be offered it!
A BLOW-BY-BLOW ACCOUNT of how one motorist took on the Scottish legal system over a speeding ticket and WON! You won't believe the incompetence he uncovered
TWO pieces of information every parking ticket MUST include to be valid.
If not, it will be unenforceable - as Barnet Council discovered to its cost!
How one driver got his speeding conviction OVERTURNED - by arguing that the speed camera was inaccurate because it was placed on a BEND!
How a recent case in Lincolnshire meant that 2,637 drivers penalised for speeding there had to have their convictions quashed. If you have ever been caught by a speed camera at night, this is ESSENTIAL reading!

This is the one handbook that should come with every car and provided with every copy of the Highway Code. It's a book about exposing the loopholes in the law that can give you an easy ride. It's all totally ABOVE BOARD and absolutely CUTTING-EDGE.

This is no out-of-date foreign adaptation, as sold by backstreet mail order companies or unlicenced eBay traders. This is pure gold-dust for UK drivers. And this is YOUR chance to learn the secrets -- before it's too late. You need to know exactly how to respond the moment you're pulled over. NOW YOU CAN.

"Never realized there were so many loopholes in the law. Why didn't I know these already?

"I had two outstanding tickets, and I've been let off with both of them thanks to your [technique] and the [technique]. I'm so prepared for the future, I can't believe it. Please use this as a testimonial... Very satisfied!" -- D.Campbell, Oxon



Under request of the author, we are only producing 450 unique copies of the UK Driving Secrets 2019 guide. EVER!

This serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps restrict this secret knowledge to the elite few that decide to purchase. Secondly, by keeping the reader base small and exclusive, it helps prevent the "discovery" of such loopholes, and thereby stops any changes in the law.

UPDATE: We currently expect to sell ALL of our guides by the end of June, and would like to thank all of our previous customers for bringing us this far!

In celebration of this fact, we are now reducing the last bundle of the
UK Driving Secrets 2019 guide from £39.95
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That's a saving of OVER £12, if you purchase before MIDNIGHT, MONDAY!

Interested? Want to be one of the EXCLUSIVE FEW that know EXACTLY how to control the driving system? If you're looking for the most amazing, most legal loopholes around -- you will absolutely love the UK Driving Secrets 2019 guide.

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Thank you for your time,

Dan Strauss, MD

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